The Holistic Home

The Holistic Home

Nicole Beringer - Building Biologist



The Holistic Home is the culmination of my passion for health and wellness, family, and how these are affected by the homes we live in.

I am a Building Biologist who specialises in helping families create healthier homes, and a beautiful space to live.



My family is my most important priority, an I have spent many years on a journey of education and discovery when it comes to their health, well being and happiness.

Aside from Building Biology, I have practised as a Feng Shui consultant, a Primary and Early Childhood educator and am a mother of two growing children.

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Using the principles of all of these modalities I work with families' unique situations to bring about changes in their homes and day to day practices to help them thrive.

I also have extensive experience in working with children (and adults) on the autism spectrum, with sensory processing disorders, auditory processing disorders, food and chemical sensitivities and many other concerns.

It's amazing how some simple changes at home can make a big difference.